Preview K 2022 Strack Norma presents new components to increase efficiency in mould making

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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Standard part producer Strack Norma will be showing its new products for injection moulding and die casting tools and its extensive range of innovative and standardised solutions for the tool and mould making at K 2022.

Innovative compact slide for 2 component mould
Innovative compact slide for 2 component mould
(Source: Strack Norma)

From 19th to 26rd October 2022, visitors to K 2022 in Düsseldorf can get advice on the new products and the range at Strack Norma in hall 1, booth C41.

The newly developed Z42900 slider in the field of overmoulding is used to demould undercuts in two-component moulds (2C) in a single process in order to respond even better to individual applications in injection moulding. It consists of a set with two pressure pieces and two sliders with attachments for customer adaptation.

With the Z7701, the company is expanding its product portfolio and now offers a new filter whose housing is made entirely of stainless steel. Particularly resistant to aggressive and acid-resistant cooling media, this can be used in medical and clean room technology.


The prefabricated large slider Z42100, which now supplements the range of slide elements, enables the right design for a wide variety of constructions, even outside the standard, thanks to a flexible selection of variants.

A wide range of design variants has been developed. For example, there is a version with 20-degree pressure surface for straight slides a version with an inclined column bore as an additional option.

The supplier is expanding its range of centering units with the space-saving Z60 and Z70 variants, which are ideally suited for narrow installation spaces thanks to their small installation diameter and low installation depth. Since the mounting in the mould can be easily manufactured, the centering units offer new possibilities for positioning plates or inserts in the mould at low cost.


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