Standard Components Stainless steel filter keeps cooling channels clean

Source: Press release

Strack Norma now has another temperature control filter in its product range, which is completely made of stainless steel. In this way, impurities that enter the cooling circuit due to deposits and bacteria of aggressive cooling media are filtered even better, thus ensuring a smooth production process.

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The filter for cleaning of cooling channels Z7701 for the continuous cleaning of the tempering medium.
The filter for cleaning of cooling channels Z7701 for the continuous cleaning of the tempering medium.
(Source: Strack Norma)

With the Z7701, Strack Norma is expanding its product portfolio and, in addition to the existing Z7700 temperature control filter with stainless steel filter and anodised aluminium housing, is now offering a new filter whose housing is made entirely of stainless steel. Particularly resistant to aggressive and acid-resistant cooling media, this can be used in medical and clean room technology.

The filter for cleaning of cooling channels is especially developed for small cooling bores or core coolings. Due to its fine 100 μ mesh size, the Z7701 removes finest dirt particles from the cooling circuit which would otherwise lead to clogged cooling channels or early wear of sealing elements. This makes it ideal for applications for laser-sintered mould inserts and thin cooling water bores, as it actively prevents contamination and the associated reduction of the flow. Due to its uncomplicated design, the easily demountable filter insert can simply be removed, washed, or cleaned.

The temperature control filter is ready for immediate use and can be connected directly to the periphery via the quick coupling Z7709 and easily mounted on the tool or the machine using the supplied fastening clamp. It is also possible to use the ½ inch thread on both sides for the connection.

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