PET preform production Solutions for sustainable food and beverage packaging

Source: Husky

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At Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 in Dubai, Husky showcased its latest technologies, solutions and services engineered to enable regional food and beverage packaging producers to achieve world-class levels of growth, sustainability, flexibility, differentiation, and stability.

At Gulfood Manufacturing, Husky deputed the Hypet Complete.
At Gulfood Manufacturing, Husky deputed the Hypet Complete.
(Source: Husky)

At Gulfood Manufacturing, Husky was debuting Hypet Complete. As the industry’s only complete, end-to- end, connected production solution, it was developed to address ongoing challenges of food and beverage packaging producers, ranging from rising energy and material costs, to supply chain fluctuations, to skilled labor shortages, to demands to be more sustainable. Modelled to transform variability into stability throughout every stage of PET preform production, Hypet Complete enables producers to build more stable manufacturing models that are less affected by such dynamic external factors.

This solution was founded on an end-to-end approach that incorporates factory planning and tooling lifecycle optimisation, workforce training and development, a fully digitised delivery model and OEM parts solution, as well as the company’s Advantage+Elite proactive, predictive, transparent remote monitoring solution. Designed to enable producers to navigate through today’s most prevalent challenges, Hypet Complete is particularly relevant to producers who are looking for more energy efficient manufacturing processes and packaging materials, such as PET, to offset fluctuating costs.

It is supported by Husky’s latest generation platform of Hypet systems, which are tailored for the production of rPET to include a purpose-built drying solution, optimised energy management, enhanced melt control, automated mould cleaning, integrated part quality inspection, and more.


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