Connected shop fabrication Sigma Suite V23 redefines nesting strategies and process optimisation

Source: Cambrio

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CAD/CAM company Sigma Nest announced version 23 of their software suite. The flagship package delivers new nesting strategies for real-world manufacturing that optimise part processing and workflow efficiency beyond classic nesting for material.

Sigma Suite V23 offers integrated CAD/CAM and production control.
Sigma Suite V23 offers integrated CAD/CAM and production control.
(Source: Cambrio)

The latest version of Sigma Nest’s Sigma Suite includes several new features. Apart from new nesting strategies, it offers optimised workflows and expanded control. Also, three new Connected Shop apps complement shop floor management. The Connected Shop is a set of software tools that connects the people and processes in a shop with the goal to leverage the nature of an operation. These digital connections combine all areas of a shop into one holistic entity, transforming the ability to manage it effectively and efficiently.

Making life easier downstream has been a key focus of version 23 with several strategies for pushing the workflow for assemblies or secondary operations and uncluttering the shop floor. For example, Best Sheet with Mixed Grouping keeps parts of similar material together for those who program several days of work at once, or those who load sheets manually. Additionally, an enhanced array function allows users to dynamically drag the arrays of parts for the required quantity of kits, assemblies, or fixed part configuration.

Several nesting features are now built in for HD Trueshape and HD Advanced Trueshape users, who will gain full access to stack nesting, multi-torch nesting for large parts, dynamic X & Y clearance, as well as improvements to Common Line nesting. Bump nesting updates include the ability to retain a boundary and avoid nesting within destructed notch areas, tool dependent bump boundaries, part rotation based on tooling, and common cut line bumping.

The brand new Relax Nest feature can spread parts out on the cropped area of a completed nest to create a stronger skeleton, reducing the risk of part tipping and part distortion from excess heat.

Several user experience enhancements allow users to optimise the process workflow as they profile cut rather than forcing them to start over to add the options for the nest, such as removal of pre-piercing operations, crop cut side selection, apply scrap cut preferences, or apply proven company standard defaults. Further enhancements include support for additional fly cut patterns and taper correction for 3D bevel and waterjet machines that adjust the tilt of the machine head during straight and bevel cuts.

Version 23 has some tools to boost the productivity of the professional punch programmer. Interactive nesting for Punch automates bump boundaries for each tool, improving the speed and precision of part placement. Punch patterns now allow for multiple contours. Single-click loading to the turret of tools (including entire pattern tool groups) using the new Quick Drop feature. Wheel-type tools can benefit from new ability to control the indexing angle of the tool independent of the direction of travel. Version 23 users will also benefit from more detailed tool reporting which includes tool used within each pattern, pattern membership for different tools, and actionable alerts for incomplete tooling and floating scrap.


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