Automated grinding processes Schunk and 3M announce cooperation to create new solutions in automated grinding

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany — In order to ensure that users will find the optimal solution for their grinding task, Schunk, as a specialist for gripping systems and clamping technology, and 3M, manufacturer in the field of industrial abrasives, have come together to support companies in automating their grinding, polishing and brushing processes.

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The cooperation between Schunk and 3M opens up new possibilities in designing optimal, automated grinding processes.
The cooperation between Schunk and 3M opens up new possibilities in designing optimal, automated grinding processes.
(Source: Schunk)

Grinding, deburring, polishing — when it comes to challenging tasks such as removing material, or finishing workpieces, many companies rely on manual machining. This is expensive for mass production and does not provide the desired precision or reproducibility. In contrast, robot-assisted processes ensure consistent high quality in unmanned production around the clock. Schunk, the automation specialist, supports customers by validating their applications in tests carried out in the company's application center Colab. Schunk also supplies the matching components. Customers will be able to replace their manual grinding, polishing and deburring processes almost completely with products from the manufacturer's portfolio for robotic material removal in the future.

In order to open up further potential to the users, Schunk has finalized a partnership with 3M. The abrasive manufacturer is constantly working on optimizing grinding and polishing processes, and focusing on the creation of more efficient, innovative products. Together with Schunk's competence in automation, these efforts are to open up new fields of application for optimizing grinding, polishing and brushing processes. The two companies combine their know-how and will provide it to users through customized solutions.

Customers are to benefit from the two experts’ experience for planning automate grinding applications. Schunk provides the suitable components for robots and renders support for the technical implementation of automated applications, and 3M searches for the right abrasives and optimal process parameters. For this purpose, quick and easy feasibility studies on various components can be carried out in the Colab application center. The abrasive process can be further optimized in the 3M robotic lab.

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