EMO 2023 Schott Systeme showcases Version 3.10 of Pictures by PC at EMO 2023

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At the EMO 2023, the German software manufacturer Schott Systeme will demonstrate the significant performance enhancements of version 3.10 of its Pictures by PC-CAD/CAM software, with special focus on mould and model making.

The brand-new automated milling CAM Smart is a particular focal point of Release 3.10.
The brand-new automated milling CAM Smart is a particular focal point of Release 3.10.
(Source: Schott Systeme)

The 3D hybrid modeler (volume, surface and mesh) from Pictures by PC has been offering a comprehensive software package for design, construction and free-form design for almost 40 years. The new version 3.10 is equipped with the latest modelling kernel, which guarantees performance improvements in almost all modelling functions. Significant advancements in feature recognition and local operations further aid both model modification and CAM machining.

The brand-new automated milling CAM Smart is a particular focal point of Release 3.10. This drastically reduces the CAM preparation times (at least by a factor of 10) of typical multi-sided, prismatic workpieces (mould bases and fixtures) compared to previous procedures.

Component geometry is analysed for typical, multi-sided 2.5D or 3D milling and drilling features on constructed or imported 3D CAD volume models (usually via STEP, SAT, IGES or VEC and VCZ). The processing of the workpiece (e.g., facing, contouring, pocket milling, chamfering, drilling, edge rounding) is then automatically prepared according to the part criteria such as material, pocket size, corner radii and drill hole types. This automated process naturally includes a visual inspection (material removal or path simulation) as well as a rest material and collision analysis.

Version 3.10 of Pictures by PC has also been significantly expanded in the area of the 3D machining of free-form components (form tools, model making). Custom tool shapes (e.g., parabolic cutters, barrel cutters, concave radius cutters) definable by a 2D sketch (e.g., DXF) can now be used with 3- and 5-axis milling strategies. The machining of complex undercuts with lollipop and T-slot milling cutters is also supported.

The 5-axis trimming of thermoformed components now also includes the option of locally changing the cutting depth and offset allowance at different points on the contour. This is ideal for components with different material thicknesses.

With its self-developed software solutions, Schott Systeme can look back on almost 40 years of product continuity. To date, no maintenance or support costs are be charged for the software. All standard machine postprocessors are included within the standard solution.


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