EMO 2019 / Creaform Scanning for the metalworking industry

Editor: Steffen Donath

Hardware and software. Creaform will attend EMO 2019 with their entire line-up of scanning products and software. This includes the new Handyscan Black.

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The mobile Handyscan 3D by Creaform can be used to scan metal parts and other surfaces.
The mobile Handyscan 3D by Creaform can be used to scan metal parts and other surfaces.
(Source: Creaform)

During EMO 2019, Creaform will showcase its entire line-up of 3D scanning products and scanning software for product development, manufacturing, testing and automated quality control, including the new Handyscan Black, the company’s metrology-grade 3D scanner for all phases of the manufacturing process, and the Metrascan 3D-R, a robot-mounted optical 3D scanner that is part of its automated quality control inspection suite, the company announced.

“The stakes have never been higher for manufacturers in the metalworking sector in order to slash production cycle times and improve quality, especially with high-precision parts,” explained Marc-Antoine Schneider, Creaform’s EMEA Territory Manager. “Event attendees will be able to get hands-on demonstrations of our 3D scanners.”

Creaform has a long in assisting quality and production process managers implement metrology equipment in their closed-loop manufacturing systems. Schneider continued: “Creaform’s 3D scanning and quality control solutions can be used for a variety of applications, including product design and benchmarking, reverse engineering, fast prototyping, virtual assemblies, production and inspections. We understand the distinct needs of advanced manufacturers and will continue to develop holistic metrology solutions to help them transform 3D data into transformative, impactful action.”