Single-point lifting system Safer and more efficient mould handling: Strack Norma introduces Liftmould ELS 60T lifting system

Source: Strack Norma Reading Time: 1 min

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Strack Norma extends its product range with the new electromechanical single-point lifting system Liftmould. The system has been developed for handling large moulds such as injection moulding, die casting and foundry moulds.

Set-up time savings with every mould change with Liftmould
Set-up time savings with every mould change with Liftmould
(Source: Strack Norma)

By using the new Lifting System from Strack Norma, transport is made safer and more efficient and set-up time is significantly reduced. Thanks to the Liftmould ELS 60T system, heavy loads can be lifted at one point, which provides additional safety. The system is compatible with any hook type >90 mm, so no modifications to the bridge crane are necessary. Suitable lifting bolts in various dimensions are available to handle tools of different weight classes.

The system is easy and safe to operate and has a remote control for locking and unlocking the tool. Sensors inside detect the presence of a base and secure the lock when it is lifted. Moulds weighing up to 60 tonnes can thus be lifted safely without employees having to intervene manually or climb into the machine. In addition, the system saves up to 10 minutes for each mould change and thus helps to optimise set-up times.

The Liftmould ELS 60T is CE and NRTL certified and is offered by Strack Norma as exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Italy.


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