Vomat Resource-saving grinding oil filtration

Editor: Steffen Donath

Resource-conserving production, sustainability, climate and environmental protection and the task of reconciling all these demands with economic efficiency while generating profits is challenging

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The Vomat ultra-fine filtration systems provide permanently clean oil in NAS 7 quality.
The Vomat ultra-fine filtration systems provide permanently clean oil in NAS 7 quality.
(Source: Vomat)

The potential to reduce the ecological footprint in many production plants is often maxed out not yet fully. One example is metal processing, especially tool grinding. Those who, in addition to state-of-the-art grinding technology, also rely on the right coolant filtration can produce more sustainably.

Steffen Strobel, Technical Sales Manager of the mechanical engineering company and filter manufacturer VOMAT in Treuen/Germany states: “Political commitment or the setting of goals is not enough. What is needed now is a solid action plan and the right market-based incentives to switch to alternative and climate-friendly technologies. Today many of our customers in the tool industry already want to grind their tools in the most resource-efficient way possible. In sales or planning meetings, they are increasingly asking whether our filter systems can contribute to sustainability in production in addition to being highly efficient and contributing to quality. Yes, as a manufacturer of ultra-fine filtration technology, we provide technological solutions that give tool manufacturers many impulses for resource-saving coolant fine filtration.”

In tool grinding, the filtration system provides the grinding process with lubrication and cooling in a pre-defined purity and volume flow. The heart of this system is the filtration of the cooling lubricant. Optimally filtered cooling lubricants have many positive influences on the manufacturing of cutting tools. In particular, they make the grinding process more economical and contribute to achieving high quality finished tools. Coolant lubricants, which no longer need to be changed as often, not only help to reduce maintenance time, but also lower the costs of fluid purchase, storage, recycling and energy consumption.

Vomat manufactures filtration solutions — from small stand-alone units to large-scale industrial central systems — which separate 100 % of dirty and clean oil in full flow by means of durable high-performance pre-coat filters. The purity achieved is 3 - 5 µm (NAS 7 standard). Filter, cooling and disposal technology ensure economic and ecological success.