Fakuma 2017 Ready-to-use hot runner systems – fully screwed together and wired

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

On the occasion of Fakuma 2017, Hasco presented a range of products to interested visitors. Besides standard parts for tool and mould construction, the company also took the chance to inform about its latest additions to their hot runner system portfolio.

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According to Hasco, the hot runner system is an optimum compromise between mounted systems and hot halves.
According to Hasco, the hot runner system is an optimum compromise between mounted systems and hot halves.
(Source: Hasco)

Hasco's hot runner system H4016/... comes fully assembled and wired, specially fitted to the customer's needs. The system is designed and produced individually in close co-operation with the customer, Hasco says. With a robust connection between hot runner manifold and screw-in nozzle, the system can be operated leak-free while facilitating the mounting and removal of the system as a whole in the injection mould.


Hasco says that because of the expert assembly and wiring, the mouldmakers does not have to connect up the system himself, thus saving him time and ensuring a smooth start of production. The connector cables for the individual nozzles and the hot runner pass through individually configured cable ducts to the connection box where they are wired up according to the customer’s specifications. Hasco additionally guarantees the electrical safety of the system. The system comes with attachment points on the manifold enabling lifting it out of the cavity, avoiding any distortion of the system when it is tilted during installation or removal.

Combining the hot runner system with the ideal nozzle series

Hasco recommends a conjunction of the H4016/... system with the also new Vario Shot H6500/... nozzle series. In doing so, the customer receives a hot runner system that customers can easily and securely mount themselves, Hasco says. The nozzle series is particularly suitable for processing engineering and reinforced plastics. The nozzles can be screwed into the hot runner manifold block, allowing for the application of fully assembled and ready-to-install hot runner systems. According to Hasco, immersion depths of 300 mm can be achieved and shot weights of up to 2,000g.

According to the company, the nozzles allow for an optimum distribution of the heating output and very small temperature losses in just the front centring zone. together, this makes for a good temperature profile. The arrangement of the Fe-CuNi thermocouples achieves a precise and uniform temperatre over the full length of the nozzle. Therefore, also engineering plastics that have a limited temperature range can be reliably processed, Hasco says.

The streamlined torpedo tips are made of a high-tech alloy. They have a good thermal conductivity and a high wear resistance, the company says. This also provides a low level of shear during mould filling.

When Hasco designed the nozzle, it went for the biggest possible melt throughput for the smallest possible size and maximum stability. The nozzles fit into small spaces, thus allowing tight pitches for multi-cavity applications and energy efficiency.

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