Hot Runner Systems PSG Plastic Service GmbH celebrates 50 years in business

Editor: Eric Culp

Plastic Service GmbH (PSG) is marking its 50th anniversary this year. Founded in Mannheim in 1962, the company established itself in the market with the Fuchslocher shutoff nozzle for injection moulding machines and the Rohlf controller, the first electronic temperature controller, and brought innovative US-developed plastics-processing products and technologies to Europe.

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Since 1970, the company has concentrated on in-house product development supported by close cooperation with customers in application engineering. The production of standardised hot runner systems and temperature control systems was augmented in 1980 by the manufacture of tempering and chilling units, for which a subsidiary company was created. PSG began expanding its European distribution network in the 1980s, and in 2000 undertook to establish sales agents outside Europe.

“As a lot of our customers deal on a global platform, it is important for us to provide consultation, products and services on a worldwide level,” explains Stephan Berz, PSG’s general manager. “Our offices and agents guarantee that we fulfil local demands in the USA, Europe and Asia.”

The company’s solid foundation helped to get it through the recent turbulent times. In 2011, PSG achieved its best results ever. Managing Director Thomas Jahn believes that, as a result, “PSG is prepared for additional investments in sustainable production engineering and an expansion in sales.”

PSG Plastic Service GmbH

Mannheim, Germany

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