Deburring and surface finishing Preparations for 5th Deburring Expo Have Started

Source: Fairxperts

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The 5th Deburring Expo will present innovations and trends for deburring technology and precision surface finishing at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from the 10th through the 12th of October, 2023. The Expo will showcase technologies that are becoming increasingly important for quality and efficiency in the metalworking industries.

Deburring Expo is the Europe-wide meeting place for parts manufacturers from all industries who are seeking solutions for their requirements.
Deburring Expo is the Europe-wide meeting place for parts manufacturers from all industries who are seeking solutions for their requirements.
(Source: Fairxperts)

Its clear focus on deburring and edge rounding, as well as the production of precision surface finishes, has made Deburring Expo a leading trade fair in Europe for these manufacturing steps. International expert visitors always arrive at the event with concrete tasks, RFQs and projects, for which efficient solutions are being sought. This was confirmed amongst others by Iris Münz, commercial director of Ultratec Anlagentechnik Münz, after participating at the last event in 2021: “We were pleasantly surprised — not only by the number of leads, but rather by their quality as well. Visitors came to us with very precise requirements for specific components.” Furthermore, a very high proportion of the participating expert visitors are involved in operational investment decisions, i.e. an average of about 95 percent at each and every Deburring Expo.

Apart from this, the exhibition portfolio of the trade fair covers processes that are also becoming increasingly important in parts manufacturing throughout all industry sectors. “Companies are being confronted with ever-stricter or modified and new requirements, where previously used processes and technologies are reaching their limits. For example, these include more demanding specifications for surface quality, more complex component geometries and a changing component spectrum, as well as new and modified materials and manufacturing processes,” reports Hartmut Herdin, managing director of private trade fair promoters Fairxperts.

Additional topics involve process automation and digitalisation, which not only ensure the reproducibility required for many applications, but can also alleviate the shortage of skilled personnel. Not least of all, climate protection, the efficient use of energy and resources and cost optimisation in parts production are becoming increasingly important as competitive factors. Deburring Expo covers this range of requirements in a targeted, thematically specific manner. It provides a complete overview of up-to-date, innovative solutions, shares information on current trends in various industries and offers insights into research projects.

As of the end of January, 70 companies have already submitted booth space bookings — according to the organisers this includes almost all market and technology leaders. “Based on numerous enquiries and reservations, we’re expecting 150 to 180 national and international exhibitors, which is a significant increase as compared with the last event in 2021 and almost matches pre-corona levels,” adds Gitta Steinmann, Deburring Expo project manager.

Supplementary Programme with Theme Parks and Expert Forum With theme parks covering the issues of “Component Cleaning”, “Quality Control” and “Automation”, the supplementary programme at the upcoming Deburring Expo will focus on three aspects that specifically contribute to meeting current and future requirements for component surface quality. The integrated 3-day expert forum at Deburring Expo with simultaneously interpreted presentations (German <> English) is gives visitors the opportunity to enhance their know-how in the fields of deburring, rounding and component cleaning, as well as in the production of precision surface finishes.


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