EMO 2019 / Iwata Tools Precision drilling of hardened steels in one set-up saves time and costs

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Japan-based hard-drilling expert Iwata Tool has developed a solution that eliminates the need to move workpieces between machines.

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Toglon Hard SP centre drills achieve the required positioning and run-out accuracy in hole-drilling.
Toglon Hard SP centre drills achieve the required positioning and run-out accuracy in hole-drilling.
(Source: Iwata Tool)

Iwata Tool has developed a solution that eliminates the need for EDM or reaming. The company's Toglon Hard line includes centring tools and drills in various sizes and lengths of up to 50xD, which are said to be able to achieve H7 tolerances in single drilling operations. The Toglon Hard series will be the highlight at EMO and visitors can find out more about the application possibilities and processing spectrum of this series as well as the advantages of this new technology.

Today, new tools are developed to perform as many operations as possible in one set-up because the setting- up of tools and workpieces in mould making, which involve working on different machines, can be time-consuming and costly. Such an example is drilling holes with a tolerance of H7 for ejector pins in injection moulding machines. Conventionally, after milling and turning, the hardened workpieces must be removed from the machining centre for holes to be processed using EDM on a different machine.

With the Toglon Hard series drills, holes can be drilled directly on the machining centre, which saves time and money. First, the holes are centred with Toglon Hard SP centre drills to achieve the required positioning and run-out accuracy. Then, Toglon Hard drills drill the holes with μ-precision, allowing for drilling depths of up to 50xd and tolerances of H7 without reaming, Iwata notes.

The company adds that the machining precision of Toglon Hard tools is achieved, thanks to the special geometry of their double angle tips. All drills have a 90° angle, which is reduced to 140° at the drilling point. "Due to the high stability of the double tip, the drill centres itself and enables a very high position accuracy of the hole," says Markus Westermann, director of Iwata Tool Europe. Moreover, this geometry stability increases tool life significantly.

All Toglon drills, made of a special carbide grade, feature a special coating with a layer thickness of 1-2 μ, depending on the type of tool. The thickness of the coating must be very homogenous to comply with the required H7 tolerance in the drilling process.

Toglon Hard drills are available in Ø from 0.1-12 mm and in lengths from 5-50 xd. The drills are guided by centring holes. The double point guarantees precise positioning on the workpiece, Iwata claims. It adds that drills from 0.8 mm have a 3-flute design, which, in combination with their double tip special geometry, enables highly precise holes in H7 tolerance — even in steels of 40-72 HRC. Furthermore, the drilled holes are extremely round and straight.

At EMO, Iwata Tool will be in Hall 5, Booth A34.

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