Pferd Powerful micro motor system for tool and mould making

Author / Editor: / Rosemarie Stahl

Pferd offers a new speed-adjustable micro motor system. According to the specialist for surface treatment and cutting tools, the drive system is characterised by its slim and compact design as well as his cost-effectiveness.

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Pferd's micro motor system finds application in a number of proccesses. It is aimed particularly at tool and mould making.
Pferd's micro motor system finds application in a number of proccesses. It is aimed particularly at tool and mould making.
(Source: August Rüggeberg)

The drive system is meant to use it with surface finishing tools. According to Pferd, it is quieter, lighter and mor handy compared to other compressed air drives. The main target group for this product are tool and mould makers, Pferd says.

According to the company, the motor system comes with a number of advantages: Reduced dimensions at unchanged performance, a strong quick-clamping device with high clamping force for a secure fit of the tools, a stepless speed control of 0 to 60,000 RPM per foot switch. In addition, it is equipped with extended spindles and has an on/off-switch directly on the handpiece. The tool drive system also has a high speed stability and a very high round running accuracy, Pferd says. In contrast to compressed air systems, it can be used independently of the location.


"Apart from its exceptional performance and versatility in use, the solution is particularly attractive from ergonomic points of view. This is because it is quieter, lighter and more manageable than power-driven drives, "explains Wolfgang Benna, product manager for the tool drives at Pferd, a brand of August Rüggeberg. "The micro motor system therefore complies with our Pferd-Value principle - a program to protect the health of the user as well as to increase comfort and efficiency in use," adds Benna.

Strong performance for a wide range of functions

According to Pferd, the tool drive system allows fast, noise-reduced, easy-to-control operation with low energy consumption and is therefore characterised with the Pferd-Value criteria of noise filter and haptic filter.

The tool drive system consists of a control unit (MIM STG2S 3/600), a Vario foot switch (MIM FU-R) and an extension cable (MIM VK HAS / WZS 3m). It can be combined with eight different micro motor handpieces. These are distinguished by power output (120-150 W), speed (RPM 30,000, 50,000, 60,000), size, tool clamping system (tool change without key), spindle length and working direction (straight, 45 ° or 90 ° angled) ).

Pferd emphasises that with this one drive system, numerous different tools can be used, for example, HM Milling, HSS special teeth and grinding pins, fine grinding and polishing tools such as Policap, Polinox grinding sticks, self-adhesive grinding sheets or grinding blade holders, felt pens, discs and lenses, cloth rings, grinding sleeves and abrasive sleeve carriers, fan sanders, Polistar, Poliflex fine grinding pins, Discs and lenses, diamond and CBN grinding pins, diamond cutting discs, pot, brush and round brushes, each in smaller dimensions. This versatility in use makes the micro motor system a universal, highly economical and ergonomic solution for fine and finest machining, Pferd says.

Aufust Rüggeberg has around 220 years of experience in the development, production and sale of tools for surface machining and cutting. The Pferd brand offers more than 7,500 tools for applications as cutting, grinding, filing, milling brushing and polishing.