5-side machining Powerful clamping at minimal clamping height

Source: Erowa

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To produce workpieces as completely and economically as possible, 5-side machining in one single clamping process has great advantages. Non-productive times are substantially reduced, and reclamping errors are avoided. Erowa offers a compact and reliable solution to achieve these goals.

The Erowa blank vise 72 is ideally suitable for the 5-side machining of small workpieces.
The Erowa blank vise 72 is ideally suitable for the 5-side machining of small workpieces.
(Source: Erowa)

The Erowa blank vise 72 is very compact, robust and light design. With its minimal height and few obstacle contours, it provides the machine tool with optimal accessibility to the workpiece.

Depending on requirements, the clamping jaws can be fitted individually. They can be fitted around 180° and provide a flexible clamping range of up to 92 mm workpiece size.

With the minimal clamping height of only 3 mm, the blank vise allows for powerful and process-reliable clamping (up to 10 KN) without any prestamping.

The blank is stamped when it is first clamped. This makes prestamping on the stamping unit unnecessary. Set-up times and costs are reduced.

The pallet (Erowa system size ITS 50) and the body of the vise are made from one single piece. The blank vise is characterized by the high degree of centering precision and repeatability. The workpiece is centrically clamped with a clamping spindle that is accessible from both sides.

Erowa blank vises are compatible with all of the company’s ITS chucks, can be automated and are prepared from the Erowa Ewis identification chip. The supplier provides a suitable loading solution for every field of application and for all technologies.


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