3D printing Partnership allows 3D printing of exclusive accessories for home appliances

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany –— A venture of the BASF business incubator Chemovator, announces a partnership with, premium home appliance manufacturer Miele. Under the terms of the partnership, Replique receives the exclusive right to produce and ship high-quality 3D printed accessories using its decentralized production network.

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3D printed coffee clip in two sizes, valuable separator, and borehole cleaner Material: Polyethylene terephthalate, Glycol modified (PETG)
3D printed coffee clip in two sizes, valuable separator, and borehole cleaner Material: Polyethylene terephthalate, Glycol modified (PETG)
(Source: Joern Weber)

Replique and BASF 3D Printing Solution (under the brand Forward AM) are the first to implement a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for 3D printing of polymer parts for food contact. This allowed the company to enter into an exclusive partnership with German home appliance manufacturer Miele. The company can now launch new products with Replique's 3D printing platform. Thanks to the capability for digital storage and on-demand production, Miele is granted the flexibility to provide customers new accessories quickly and cost-efficiently from a batch size of just one. With the end-to-end solution, Miele is to benefit from an easy process integration that connects existing ordering and e-commerce solutions, automatic order processing and expert knowledge in industrial grade 3D printing.

Realizing the vision of 3D printed accessories

In May 2020, Miele started its 3D4U project to provide customers with free designs of 3D printable accessories. Due to the increasing demand, the idea arose to offer such products to those customers who do not have their own 3D printers. With Replique, this idea is now becoming a scalable business model. Physical accessories no longer need to be stored in large quantities in a warehouse. Instead, the designs are stored in a digital inventory and are produced on-demand using the latest 3D printing technologies. Starting with three accessories on the Miele online shop — the coffee clip, the borehole cleaner and the valuable separator as vacuum cleaner attachments — the household appliance manufacturer can flexibly expand its product portfolio.

Miele highly values the complete service offering. “So far, competing companies have only offered fragmented solutions. Replique is the only partner who has in-depth knowledge of the entire process and the right network to offer a turnkey solution. Their business model is scalable and we expect to expand our business in Germany, Europe or even worldwide in a short period of time”, says Buhl. Replique and Miele are already planning to expand the product range on the platform this year.

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