Hasco Optimum positioning of cooling bores and ejectors

Editor: Steffen Donath

In the design of injection moulds, positioning the ejector pins in relation to the cooling bores frequently constitutes a challenge, since a sufficient distance has to be maintained between the bores.

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Positioning can be challenging depending on the set-up.
Positioning can be challenging depending on the set-up.
(Source: Hasco)

In some cases, it is not possible to relocate the ejectors due to the geometry of the injection moulding, and diverting the cooling channels would be too expensive. It is here that use is made of the Hasco turn plug Z9675/... . This makes it possible for the ejector or core pins to be literally routed through the cooling system.

The Z9675/… turn plug offers designers a great deal of flexibility in the layout of the cooling circuits. It seals the bore for the ejector pin off from the cooling channel, allowing the cooling medium to flow around the pin.

The easy-to-mount turn plug is also available as a blank Z9676/... without a core bore. This variant enables the customer to make a core bore with a different diameter, for example, or to simply seal a collision leak in the cooling system or repair drilling failures. Direct cooling of stationary cores is also possible through wall contact.

The Z9676/... blank can easily be shortened. The three grooves already provided for the O-ring that comes with the plug ensure easy sealing for a variable length. The turn plug can be twisted free in order to reduce pressure losses in the shaft area. There are two small components that open up great possibilities.