AMB 2022 Open Mind to demonstrate Hypermill’s capabilities for networked production processes

Source: Press release MA Alexander Stark

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At AMB 2022 in Stuttgart, Open Mind will be exhibiting together with Hummingbird Systems in Hall 2, Booth B20. The partners will address the role of CAM in networked production processes under the banner of “Create the Future of Manufacturing Together.”

5-axis radial machining is a highly efficient strategy for blow-mould manufacturing.
5-axis radial machining is a highly efficient strategy for blow-mould manufacturing.
(Source: Open Mind)

The way a CAM system interacts with an MES or other IT systems such as PLM or a tool management system is becoming increasingly important. Networking and communication without media disruptions are the bare minimum required to optimize processes within the context of digitalization. Visitors to AMB can find out what contribution Hypermill can make to networked manufacturing on Open Mind and Hummingbird’s booth. For example, integrating the CAM system with an MES creates more agile and efficient planning, control and automation. All production-related data is available everywhere throughout the company at any time and users benefit from a uniform manufacturing management system.

Working with a digital twin

Bidirectional communication with machine tool controls is particularly important in networking with other systems along the process chain. Hypermill Virtual Machining closes the gap between the CAM system and the physical machine environment. If the CAM software can work with a digital twin of the physical machining process, then this opens up new options for generating, optimizing and simulating the NC code safely. Hypermill Best Fit is an impressive example of this. It is a new type of component alignment system for the subsequent processing of cast, welded or additively manufactured components. This sees the NC program adapt to what is physically happening in the workspace, rather than the clamping being adapted to the NC program, which has been standard practice until now.

Component machining strategies explained

Workstations that demonstrate forward-looking technologies such as process automation or CAM programming are not the only things that will be on show. Examples of machining with perfect surfaces will also have their chance to shine. For instance, a bottle-blow mold is an excellent showcase of pioneering strategies such as 5-axis radial machining. Hypermill has proven itself as a comprehensive CAM solution for the tool and mold making industry. The blow-bottle mold that will be on display at AMB 2022 is a perfect example of the process-optimized production of round molds with surfaces that require zero post-processing.

A look at what’s to come in Hypermill 2023.1

Visitors to AMB can see the current version of Hypermill and get a sneak preview of the upcoming release. For example, there have been some improvements made to hHypermill Virtual Machining. Most importantly, complete support for mill-turn machines has been added along with performance improvements. This means that the NC code for this type of machining will also be generated, simulated and optimized using Hypermill Virtual Machining. There will also be improved support for large machines with more than five axes.


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