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Smaller enterprises with machining operations are keen to understand how they can stay competitive in the era of digitalisation, Industry 4.0, and IoT. The digital process already implemented in these companies, based on NC (Numerical Control) code generated from CAD (Computer-Aided Design) data, could serve as a starting point.

According to Open Mind, the flow of data from design to production can help optimise the process through better networking.
According to Open Mind, the flow of data from design to production can help optimise the process through better networking.
(Source: Open Mind)

The CAM system is set to play an increasingly centralised role in digitalisation strategies at manufacturing companies in the future. This is the point that Open Mind Technologies is emphasising at the moment. Connecting the systems used throughout the production process is a core requirement for CAM systems to take on this role. The company behind the Hypermill CAD/CAM suite further underscored this point through its acquisition of MES specialist Hummingbird Systems GmbH in early 2022. Integration of CAM and MES is just one example of the communication capacities that will be required by CAM systems in the future.

“Everyone is talking about digitalization, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things. Small to medium-sized enterprises with machining operations want to know how they can keep up,” says Michael Förster, Senior Product Marketing Manager at OPEN MIND Technologies AG. “With NC code generated from CAD data, each of these companies has a digital process already in place. This can serve as a starting point, with connectivity having a key role to play.”

Based on Open Mind’s experience, the comprehensive digitalisation strategies of large companies are in many cases too broad for SMEs. A more suitable approach would be to seek out digitalisation solutions in steps, starting with the CAD/CAM system. There are different strategies available based on the company’s IT landscape: linking the process in and around CAD, CAM, and NC data to a product lifecycle management (PLM) system or manufacturing execution system (MES). This enables the integration of a tool management system, making CAD data accessible company-wide, and using bidirectional communication with the machine controls.

According to the company, the flow of data from design to production can help optimize the process through better networking. Simulations based on real NC codes and advanced optimisation processes are made possible based on bidirectional communication between the CAM system and machine controller.

In an e-paper, Open Mind provides answers to the question of “what role the CAD/CAM system will play in an increasingly connected world.”


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