Moulding Expo Open Mind introduces new Hypermill functions for mould making

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Software company Open Mind will be exhibiting at Moulding Expo 2023 (June 13-16, 2023, Stuttgart) in Hall 1, Booth D42. The manufacturer will present the Hypermill CAD/CAM suite at the trade fair as an end-to-end complete solution for tool and mould making.

A new function ensures high-quality and process-safe surface extensions to provide simple, reliable protection for sharp edges.
A new function ensures high-quality and process-safe surface extensions to provide simple, reliable protection for sharp edges.
(Source: Open Mind)

The CAD/CAM software Hypermill covers aspects such as electrode manufacturing and wire EDM. Some new functions of the current release 2023 further support mould designers.

Electrode production is a major time and cost factor, especially in the mould making industry.With Hyper-CAD-S, Open Mind’s Electrode module maps the entire electrode process: starting with electrode development and milling, through to measurement and program output for the eroding machine tool. With just a few clicks of the mouse, users can automatically create and program electrodes, benefitting from an integrated solution through our CAD/CAM system.

Wire EDM can be a critical process in tool and mould making and thanks to the proven Opticam solution, the company offers efficient and flexible programming of 2-axis to 4-axis wire EDM machines. With seamless integration in Hyper-CAD-S, designers can manage all processing tasks in a project from drilling and milling through to wire EDM.

To avoid problems during the moulding process, sharp corners must be created at the junction of upper and lower mould halves in all mould making machining operations. An automatic tangent extension function eliminates manual CAD steps to extend the numerous surface elements of complex designs. There is a new function for extended milling surface extension in the “3D mould plane finishing” and “3D profile finishing” strategies. This means that surface extensions are only generated where they make sense in terms of the process. This makes it very easy for users to reliably protect sharp edges and easily divide up machining areas. In combination with the "Soft overlap" option, this guarantees high-quality surfaces.

With the “5-axis slot finishing” strategy, high-quality toolpaths for forming slots and forming channels with any cross-section can be programmed very conveniently along a curved guide curve. This permits a wide range of applications, for example for moulds and dies with a tool axis preferably pointing in the demoulding direction, for cylinders and rings with a radial tool axis, or for geometries with variable accessibility. Machining operations for these geometries can be easily programmed and performed with high surface quality and precision.


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