Lantek New version focused on remote working

Editor: Steffen Donath

Lantek revealed the new features and improvements in the latest version of its software —  Lantek Global Release 2020.

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Eliminating over 80% of current machine downtime caused by collision, is promised by the company.
Eliminating over 80% of current machine downtime caused by collision, is promised by the company.
(Source: Lantek)

In total, there are over 100 improvements and updates across the whole range of solutions. However, one aspect of this version that is very relevant at the moment, is the possibility of using your software remotely. “In a time of great uncertainty, and without a clear understanding of what will happen later this year or next year, many clients are demanding a solution prepared for teleworking. The 2020 version of Lantek software includes a huge advance in the support, installation and configuration of the software and machine without requiring visits from our technicians and, allows different configurations so that technical teams for machining, production planning or budgeting can work from their homes,” states Carlos García, CTO of Lantek.

The main development is the capability of running an algorithm to prevent collisions during the cutting or punching process. This works by automatically adding fasteners (or micro-joints) to the holes or parts that, once they have been cut, could cause a collision between themselves and the cutting head.

Lantek has also improved the usability of all of the functions related to fasteners (or micro-joints) focusing on two aspects: the improvement in precision of the final width of these elements and accurate simulation, in real-time, when they are added manually. For shapes that the user does not want to fasten into the sheet with micro-joints, Lantek offers the possibility of scrapping them using a new zig-zag technique ensuring that the waste material discharges safely, the company explains.

Lantek Expert now includes functions to help with production management in the workshop. Waste or leftover sheet material can be automatically marked on cutting machines so that it is easy to identify. The material can be marked with the company’s identifier code as well as its measurements and weight.

Tube cutting

Evolving with the needs of the market, the new V40 version of Lantek Flex3d incorporates a new algorithm that allows you to destroy scrap generated from cutting holes in tubes. Without this new capability, hole cutting can cause numerous collisions with the machine head as well as possible damage when scrap falls onto supports. Furthermore, a new head management algorithm allows contours that have previously been cut to be avoided to minimise collisions and, machining time reduced by avoiding unnecessary raising and lowering of the head. This new support management function, as well as avoiding collisions with the supports, allows for optimal use of material that would previously have been considered scrap, obtaining improvements in the utilisation of tubes of over 5 %.

"The many new features incorporated into the new version of Lantek Flex3d have been designed to satisfy the tube, pipe, and structural steel market’s search for "intelligent" solutions that allow for the automation of large production cycles by avoiding unnecessary downtime while, keeping track of production and reducing costs”, highlights Carlos García, CTO of Lantek.