Strack Norma New quick-clamping systems to reduce setup costs

Editor: Steffen Donath

Strack Norma, a large suppliers of standard parts in Europe, is expanding its range of quick clamping systems with the two variants Z8061 and Z8062.

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The new product from Strack Norma aims to reduce set-up costs.
The new product from Strack Norma aims to reduce set-up costs.
(Source: Strack Norma)

These offer innovative solutions to reduce set-up costs and create high flexibility for the customer through fast and easy tool changes, the company explains.

With the help of Strackquick clamping systems, moulds are positioned and clamped in the injection moulding machine quickly and easily. The firm connection of the system clamping plates with the mould is achieved by torsion-free clamping by means of inclined eccentrics. The proven mechanical system for injection moulds is suitable for two- and four-arm versions of all leading machine manufacturers. The quick clamping systems can be used up to a maximum clamping force of 1000 kN and a total weight of 1000 kg. They can also be used universally horizontally or vertically, depending on the type of injection, Strack states.

According to Euromap 2, the quick-clamping systems have eight mounting holes per platen as standard. In addition to its standard system, Strack now also offers two new variants: The Z8061 system is designed for the common tie-bar spacing of injection moulding machines, while the Z8062 covers the complete clamping plate of the injection molding machine, even between the tie-bars.

The conversion effort for existing injection moulds is low, since only the existing centering flanges are exchanged for the special centering flanges Z8071/ Z8073. No new clamping plates have to be manufactured. Retrofitting is quick, easy and cost-effective, as no hydraulic or electrical interfaces to the injection moulding machine are required, the company promises.

The clamping of the mould is done without much effort in a few seconds. From the operating side, the clamping lever is manually folded down via a bayonet lock. Clamping by simply moving the two levers instead of the time-consuming clamping or screwing to the clamping plate of the injection molding machine considerably reduces the set-up time.

In addition, Strack Norma also manufactures special designs according to customer requirements, with and without tie bar recesses, up to a platen size of 796 x 696 mm. Designs such as variants with special screw-on or temperature control bores are also available by agreement, as the company states.