Cutting tools New high performers for trochoidal milling

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany — With the Carb Loop, LMT Tools is expanding its tool portfolio with solid carbide cutters that have been specially developed for trochoidal milling.

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Ideal for deep cavities: The new Carb Loop trochoidal milling cutter from LMT Tools guarantees maximum machining performance.
Ideal for deep cavities: The new Carb Loop trochoidal milling cutter from LMT Tools guarantees maximum machining performance.
(Source: LMT)

Trochoidal milling is an extremely dynamic machining process that is increasingly gaining ground due to its remarkable advantages. Thanks to high speeds, machining times can be reduced by up to 70 percent compared to conventional milling strategies and productivity can be significantly increased. At the same time, the tool life is increased by more than three times, since less machining heat is generated thanks to the smaller wrap angle and thus the tool cutting edge is exposed to lower stresses. The lower machining forces due to smaller and constant chip cross-sections also have a positive effect on wear.

Thanks to its maximum depth of cut (3 x Ø and 5 x Ø) and ideally matched geometry, Carb Loop guarantees high machining performance, short machining times and long tool life. Production costs can thus be drastically reduced. This new trochoidal milling tool from LMT has been specially designed for innovative milling and adapted to process-specific requirements. One characteristic feature is the completely newly developed chipbreakers, which are arranged offset to each other. The chip splitters reduce the chip volume by half and ensure smooth chip evacuation even at high cutting values. Depending on the diameter, the tools have up to 14 chip splitters. This high number not only ensures optimum chip removal, but also a significant reduction in vibration, which has a positive effect on tool life. A special cutting edge geometry with defined edge preparation and the latest coating enables high cutting speeds and guarantees high metal removal rates as well as tooth feeds. Another advantage is the 2 mm longer cutting edge. This means that the Carb Loop can be reground several times without sacrificing the maximum insert depth.

The Carb Loop is available in two versions: as Carb Loop Steel for ISO-P and ISO-K applications and as Carb Loop Inox for machining ISO-S and ISO-M materials. Cutting geometry, coating and cutting edge treatment have been specially developed for the materials to be machined and are optimally matched to each other. This enables the best milling results to be achieved. In particular, components with deep cavities benefit from switching to trochoidal milling, because the high metal removal rate means enormous time savings. But thin-walled or unstable components can also be machined excellently thanks to the low cutting forces.

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