Event Update New date for Lamiera

Editor: Steffen Donath

The trade fair landscape is constantly subject to change. Lamiera is no exception to this trend. Now the organisers are confident to announce the date for the show.

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It is currently impossible to predict the state of the world when Lamiera will take place.
It is currently impossible to predict the state of the world when Lamiera will take place.
(Source: Tolga Kilinc (Unsplash))

For the biennial trade show dedicated to machine tools and technologies for sheet metal forming and processing it is a “return to the origins”, as the exhibition has always been held in May.

“The choice of bringing forward the event as we have widely communicated, arose from the need to offer the maximum opportunities of visibility to the exhibiting companies, especially to the Italian ones, which have the possibility to take part in two events of great importance in 2021: Lamiera and EMO Milano 2021, the world metalworking exhibition, alternately hosted in Hanover and Milan,” stated Massimo Carboniero, President of Ucimu

“Unfortunately, the schizophrenia driving the choices of some exhibition organisers makes it really difficult for the enterprises to manage their participation in the trade shows, as they risk seeing an overlapping of the dates of the events in which they usually take part. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of the exhibiting companies in the best way we decided to move Lamiera to the end of May, feeling sure that the marketing and promotion activities of the enterprises will be facilitated, as they remain strictly connected with the attendance at the sector’s trade shows, even in difficult periods such as the present one,” stressed Alfredo Mariotti, General Manager of Ucimu.

Return to form expected

“After all, the data processed by the Economic Studies Department & Business Culture of Ucimu, based on the survey of Oxford Economics highlight that after the slowdown of the current year, in 2021, investments in new production technologies should rise again. The demand for new machine tools in Italy is thus expected to grow by 31.5 % versus 2020, exceeding 3.5 billion euro. Even Europe should be more dynamic, increasing consumption by 19.5 % to nearly 18 billion euro. Asia, with China in front, should have new impetus, registering a 35.3 % demand growth and attaining 34 billion euro, as should America, expected to invest 11 billion euro in new production systems, i.e. 31 % more than in 2020,” concluded Massimo Carboniero

Therefore, the appointment with Lamiera and the international product ranges concerning sheet metal forming, cutting and processing machines and technologies, as well as connectivity, robotics and automation solutions for the industry will be at fieramilano Rho from 26 to 29 May 2021.

After the last edition held in Bologna (2016), Lamiera already showed an increase of all main indicators. By moving to Milan, the trade show proved its great potential and achieved even more satisfactory results in 2017 and then in 2019. In particular, with 518 exhibitors, i.e. 6 % more than in 2017, and an exhibition area increased by 25 % to 50,000  m2, the 2019 edition of Lamiera registered a rise (+11 %) even in the number of visitors, amounting to 26,197.

To fully take advantage of the recovery expected from the beginning of 2021, the enterprises of the metal forming world have a double opportunity: the participation in Lamiera in May and in EMO Milano 2021 in October, both of them hosted at fieramilano Rho.