Parts2Clean Trade Fair Needs-based parts cleaning in the spotlight

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany — Cleaning expert Ecoclean will be presenting a complete program of solutions for every cleaning task at this year’s parts2clean trade fair in Stuttgart from 5 to 7 October 2021. The presentations also includes developments for automating and digitising the cleaning process as well as services tailored to customer requirements. .

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Ecoclean's complete range of system and process technologies offers technical and economical solutions for every cleaning task.
Ecoclean's complete range of system and process technologies offers technical and economical solutions for every cleaning task.
(Source: Ecoclean)

Sectors such as the medical, optics, electronics, machine tool industries and manufacturers of production equipment for the semiconductor as well as jewelry and watch-making industries place different but invariably extremely high demands on component cleanliness. The SBS Ecoclean Group will be presenting solutions to these tasks in the high-cleanliness section of its trade fair booth at this year's parts2clean (Hall 4, Booth C 28) in Stuttgart. This is also the first time the new UCM Smar Line will be on show at a trade fair. Thanks to its modular concept with three to nine wash and rinse stages, the compact ultrasonic immersion system can be individually configured for preliminary, intermediate and final cleaning tasks and adapted to changing market conditions at any time.

The general industry, which includes a broad spectrum of sectors, produces parts from a wide range of materials using very different manufacturing technologies. Products include, for example, cast and machined parts, stamped, bent, pressed and deep-drawn parts, or additively manufactured components. Not only subsequent steps such as heat treatment, coating, bonding, and assembly processes, but also a long-lasting flawless functionality, necessitate cleanliness levels in line with requirements. For these tasks, the equipment manufacturer will be providing information on standard and customised chamber systems for aqueous and solvent cleaning, as well as on in-line immersion systems. Equipped with application-specific process technologies, such as high-pressure cleaning, deburring, ultrasonic cleaning, pulsed pressure cleaning, plasma cleaning, passivation/preservation and drying, the systems ensure that the increasingly stringent requirements for particulate and thin-film cleanliness levels in many sectors are met reliably and at the lowest possible operating costs. This also applies to the solutions that will be presented to meet the new and changed requirements arising from transformation processes in the automotive and supplier industries.

The company will also be showcasing future-oriented solutions for automating and digitising cleaning processes, including a cloud solution that transmits defined data generated by the machine control system via a secure connection in encrypted form. They are stored, evaluated, analyzed and intelligently linked in the IoT platform using the latest technologies and infrastructures. This results in added value for the machine user in terms of condition monitoring, production planning, documentation, predictive maintenance and connectivity, the company states.

Experienced customer service staff at the “service island” will be on hand to answer any questions on the use of the service app, customized service concepts, training and continuing education for customer employees, as well as on machine modernization and adaptation.