Company News MVTec strengthens distribution in Russia

Editor: Steffen Donath

With its new distribution partner Camera-IQ, the Munich-based company is now gaining a stronger foothold in the growing Russian market.

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MVTec Software GmbH advances its strategic international growth initiative.
MVTec Software GmbH advances its strategic international growth initiative.
(Source: Nikita Karimov (Unsplash))

The partnership is aimed at strategically expanding MVTec's distribution network in this region and increasing its local visibility among Russian customers.

Camera-IQ is a distributor of cameras and systems for machine vision in the Russian market. Founded in 2010 by experienced machine vision specialists and engineers, the company offers its customers optoelectronic devices, along with expert consulting, services, and technical support.

“This new distribution partnership is another example of our international growth course. As a well-established machine vision provider in Russia, Camera-IQ gives us a stronger presence in this growth market, so that we can offer our customers even better product and service support on the spot,” says Martin Krumey, Vice President Sales at MVTec.

“Software is one of the most important components of a machine vision system. The partnership with a leading provider of machine vision software like MVTec allows us to expand our portfolio and to offer our customers an increasingly comprehensive range of best-in-class products,” says Anton Levenkov, Managing Director at Camera-IQ.

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