Service App Multifunctional guide to milling technology from Pokolm

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

Cutting Tools - Pokolm offers an app, the Polkom guide, which offers many functions for users of milling technology, aiming at supporting everyday work.

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A screenshot, showing the main functions of the app by Pokolm.
A screenshot, showing the main functions of the app by Pokolm.
(Source: Pokolm)

With the search function, four different options can be chosen: There is a product tree, which structures milling cutter bodies, solid carbide milling cutters, as well as arbors and adapters. All milling cutters are supplied with detailed cutting data and a direct link to the cutting calcutlator. The search function allows users to limit product searches according to material, technology, tool and existing machine configuration by intuitive parameter settings. Here, too, the values of the ultimately selected tool are then imported into the cutting data calculator. The full text search enables users to browse the whole range of products. In addition, further products suitable for combination with the selected article are displayed. With the product configurator, parameters can be selected with reference to the machine, technology, tool or geometry data of the work piece to be machined. As a result, all meaningful combinations of milling cutters, inserts, arbors and adapters needed to achieve the desired milling result are displayed.

Another function is the scanner for QR codes and barcodes. Barcodes of Pokolm inserts lead to the appropriate cutting material in the product database and show detailed cutting data for all material and machining options. If selected, they are then imported into the cutting data calculator. Additionaly, a wish list can be made from highlighted products.

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