Full-service provider Mould base and hot runner technology: Hasco at the Moulding Expo

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In addition to numerous new and further developments, digitisation will be one of Hasco’s main areas of focus during the Moulding Expo. User-friendly tools, an update of the Hasco App, interesting CAD features and other digital services will be presented live on Stand 1/G53.

As a full-service provider with a portfolio of more than 100,000 products, Hasco offers everything for modern mouldmaking from a single source
As a full-service provider with a portfolio of more than 100,000 products, Hasco offers everything for modern mouldmaking from a single source
(Source: Hasco)

The new mechanical limit switches Z1430/... from Hasco are used predominantly for the precise monitoring of the position of ejector assemblies. A variety of application possibilities also exist where exact information on the final positions of other parts is needed. Mould damage can thus be effectively avoided and process reliability significantly increased.

The innovative Mould Tag A5910/... digitalises standard mould units in injection moulding tools and enables unambiguous identification with certification of quality. The Mould Tag is built as standard into all two-stage ejectors. The RFID tag (Radio Frequency Identification) can be read out direct via the new Hasco App, showing informative product-relevant data.

Exceptional combination possibilities are offered by the company’s extensively enlarged cooling range. In addition to the flexibly combinable standard components, cooling elements made of stainless steel, clean-break temperature control systems, high-temperature ranges and multicoupling systems offer constructive, safe and reliable solutions.

In addition to the standard multicoupling system, the new USA (ZI) and French (FRA) systems are now also available as open or closed versions with valve, as well as the clean-break multicoupling system as a HT version with flat sealing front surfaces.

New sealing plugs Z9425/.../VA of stainless steel for sealing off drilled cooling holes and for diverting the cooling medium within the cooling circuit, as well as socket pipe plugs Z9410/… with special FKM O-ring and Z 9410HT/.../VA with high-temperature FKM O-ring round off the cooling range.

The ejector portfolio, with around 600 additional new versions, offers maximum flexibility in demoulding. With a total of 26 product groups and 5,500 variants, Hasco’s range of ejectors covers virtually all applications in mouldmaking.

Two new posters, one with an overview of the temperature control elements and the other with a table relating to the ejector portfolio, offer optimum help when it comes to selecting the right article.

Hot Runner Technology

The additively manufactured Hasco Streamrunner with maximum design freedom creates, through the free three-dimensional design of the runners, completely new possibilities in multi-component injection moulding. Different plastic components or colours can be spread over a very small space and the runners can be intertwined.

With the new interchangeable needle valve pre-chamber Vario Shot Xgate, Hasco has extended its proven nozzle portfolio. Individually geared to the particular application, two new variants of the Vario Shot Xgate offer the ideal solution for amorphous or semi-crystalline plastics. The gate area and contact surfaces can be variably designed for application-specific temperature control.

The Primezone H1281/… range of control units boasts outstanding control accuracy, intuitive operating comfort and wide-ranging diagnosis functions. The touch display and the latest software technologies enable simple and intuitive operation, similar to modern smartphones. With the new, smooth-running Co-Cart trolley, perfect and safe positioning of all control units directly next to the mould is ensured.


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