Fakuma 2021 Mold-Masters presents moulding innovations at Fakuma

Editor: Alexander Stark

At Fakuma, Mold-Masters introduces a wide range of new technologies in the field of hot runners, controllers, auxiliary injection and co-injection systems.

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Mold-Masters' 2nd generation SeVG+ servo motor is a compact direct drive design.
Mold-Masters' 2nd generation SeVG+ servo motor is a compact direct drive design.
(Source: Mold-Masters)

Mold-Masters will be showcasing their new Tempmaster M3 controller platform which incorporates many new innovations including the TC-Connect Technology that eliminates the need for traditional T/C control cables altogether. Eliminating these traditional cables, which make up 50 percent of all mould cables, saves cost, weight and clutter from the moulding cell. TC-Connect Technology utilises a new eBOX design that attaches to the mould. A single, thin and lightweight data communication cable (similar in size to Ethernet) connects from the back of the M3 controller to the eBOX.Wiring the Hot Runner system remains unchanged. This technology is compatible with new and any older (retrofit) Hot Runner Systems.

The ME platform is focused on providing a controller unit that is highly economical, simple to operate/maintain and available with short lead times (off the shelf/ready to ship). The Tempmaster-ME controller provides essential features for low cavitation molds (twelve zones max) in a compact and lightweight package. Units can be ordered with six or twelve zones (15-Amp per zone) and the customer's choice of mould plugs. Operated by an intuitive 5” full colour LCD touch screen it is packed with the production and safety features that matter most. This includes Soft Start, Wet Heater Bakeout, Continuous Ground Fault Detection, Overload Protection, Automatic Tool Diagnostics, Plastic Leak Detection, Tool Storage and more.

Enhanced part quality by minimising barrel bow

The company's Symfill Technology minimises core shift to improve part quality (straightness) of cylindrical, centre injected components having an aggressive L/D ratio. It achieves this by allowing the melt to enter the nozzle runner channel from multiple sides as opposed to the single-entry point of traditional designs.

Examples of such components that would benefit from this technology include blood tubes, needle shields, over caps and other similar parts from the medical, cosmetic and stationary industries.

On recent blood vial applications that leveraged Symfill Technology, barrel bow was reduced by up to 90 percent (as little as 0.15 mm) by eliminating core shift. This technology is exclusively available with Mold-Masters hot runner systems.

Mold-Masters’ Symfill Technology will be on display through a live demo in the Arburg Booth (A3-3101) in co-operation with Hack Formenbau (A5-5117).

Compact Servo Electric Valve Gate motor design reduces stack heights

Compared to the manufacturer's first-generation motor, the height of its new SeVG+ motor has been reduced by 48 percent. The footprint is interchangeable with a hydraulic actuator for added flexibility. The direct drive design (no levers, gear boxes or other components to actuate the valve pin) minimises cut-out requirements in the mould, speeds up assembly times, allows for faster response rates and more precise movements. This motor design is compatible with all applications from any industry including those with high processing temperatures.

Real-time data driving injection moulding innovation

Mold-Masters' Smartmold is a cloud-based software platform dedicated to the plastics industry providing real-time data to drive injection molding innovation. Process data is collected from sensors embedded within the injection mold which offers feedback and insights that drive enhanced productivity. Our solution is the first step towards predictive and autonomous capabilities within your facility. In addition to collecting sensor data, Smartmold software offers performance tracking, downtime tracking, scrap tracking, maintenance reminders, alerts, reporting, analytics, mold info, document storage and more. Although the software is focused on the mold, it also has the potential to pull data from injection molding machines. It is compatible with any brand of equipment.

Production of PET Preforms

The new PET-Series hot runner system form Mold-Masters delivers consistent high-performance processing capabilities for exceptional preform quality. The PET-Series hot runner gives the customer the ability to fill thinner preforms (light weighting), to save resin thanks to better HR balance and less variation in preform weight, reduction in cycle time due to faster fill time and a wider process window along with a reduction of AA content. PET-Series is compatible with any major brand of pet-preform mold and is available in a wide range of industry standard configurations. Custom configurations are also available upon request.