Company restructuring Mikron merges Swiss subsidiaries

Editor: Alexander Stark

Switzerland — In order to strengthen the Group's position, Mikron's Board of Directors has decided to merge the four Swiss companies Mikron Tool SA Agno, Mikron SA Agno, Mikron SA Boudry and Mikron Management AG into a new entity called Mikron Switzerland AG.

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The Swiss companies of the Mikron Group have merged.
The Swiss companies of the Mikron Group have merged.
(Source: Mikron)

On 21 June 2021, the Swiss subsidiaries of Mikron concluded their merger. As a result of the merger, the subsidiaries have been renamed and the former name Mikron Tool SA Agno has changed to Mikron Switzerland AG, Agno, Tool Division.

The merger has no impact on the Group's operational activities or on the management of the individual divisions, which will continue to be executed by the three business units - Automation, Machining and Tool. All business relationships and contractual agreements will remain unchanged.