Cutting tool awarded Mexican company SJ Tools wins Tool of the Year competition

Source: Anca

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Into its fifth year, Anca announced the winners of the Tool of the Year competition at the international trade show IMTS. For the first time, a Mexican company could win the prestigious award.

Tool of the Year 2022 winner: SJ Tools CEO Edwin Juarez together with Anca Americas Managing Director Russel Riddiford.
Tool of the Year 2022 winner: SJ Tools CEO Edwin Juarez together with Anca Americas Managing Director Russel Riddiford.
(Source: Anca)

At this year’s Tool of the Year competition, SJ Tools wowed the market with a cutting tool that combined multiple features into a single tool where all features were finished with a very accurate surface finish. The effort and creative thinking process coupled with intimate knowledge of the iGrind and the CIM3D software enabled them to design a life size model of the “Hummingbird” which was both beautiful and an impressive application of design.

Aleksandra Semeniuk, Design Manager at JG Group has been producing cutting tools as well as machine parts and tooling for industry since 2005. “The Anca Tool of the Year competition inspires tool companies all around the world and brings a breath of fresh air to our daily work, stimulates creativity and allows us to break down barriers.”

Edwin Juarez, CEO of SJ Tools said: “In this very competitive world with the technology that exists in cutting tools, it’s a great achievement for me as well as the whole team that works at SJ Tools (designing, sharpening, grinding, machining area, polishing, honing, quality, purchases, sales and administration).”

“Our tool was designed for a customer which machines aluminium. With this tool we could eliminate five tools and machine it with one. The first and second operation performed was roughing and a chip breaker on the tip to break the chip, giving better output and avoiding obstructions. The third operation interpolates to create a pocket. In the fourth and fifth we made two internal slots in which we did roughing and finishing, also super polishing and honing. At the same time, we managed to reduce cycle times, production cost and inventory cost.”

“There is no simple tool. That is why I want to highlight the engineering, design and manufacturing team since they worked hard analyzing each of our client’s operations to be able to create this tool. The experience and dedication of each team member that works at SJ Tools leads us to these achievements. It was created by observing, analyzing and detecting the needs of our client, and thus be able to create this solution.”

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