Supply Chain Crisis Meusburger: Biggest warehouse for standard parts in the world comes in handy

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Austria — Despite the bottlenecks in the supply chain for critical raw materials and commodities, Meusburger assures its customers that their stock is adequately filled.

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At Meusburger, plates can be dispatched directly from stock.
At Meusburger, plates can be dispatched directly from stock.
(Source: Meusburger)

The industry continues to face significant bottlenecks along the entire supply chain. As a consequence, prices for both raw materials and commodities continue to rise, along with massive increases in energy, freight and transport costs. This creates uncertainty for many companies. “The optimism that many companies initially had due to a good volume of orders is now severely affected by the procurement crisis. The current supply problems are clearly slowing down economic growth”, explains Guntram Meusburger, Managing Director of Meusburger.

The standard parts manufacturer in Wolfurt, Austria, manufactures 100 plates of the plates in-house. Standard plates can be shipped directly from stock, which offers customers decisive advantages. Guntram Meusburger emphasises: “We have the biggest standard parts warehouse in the world which guarantees a high level of supply security, even in challenging times. Our customers benefit from a first class ordering and delivery service and lose no time on their projects. In order to continue to provide this service, we have to accept an increase in costs.” That way the company can ensure the continuous availability of its products. The goal is to carry on the service and keep the warehouse full.

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