Quality control Metrios has another edge: the measuring machine can be programmed remotely

Source: Metrios

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To set up the program on Metrios’s measuring machine, users can sit at the comfort of their desk, without the need of being physically in front of the machine. Then they can share the program with the operators in production so they can start measuring by simply pressing a button.

Metrios guarantees an immediate overview of the part compliance.
Metrios guarantees an immediate overview of the part compliance.
(Source: Metrios)

An optical measuring machine guarantees fast, objective and traceable inspections, and is able to record every step of the process. Thanks to all these advantages, manufacturers can increase productivity due to reduced inspection time. The measuring machine from Metrios has evolved from the concept of a profile projector. It simplifies measurement because it can enlarge the image and search for the required dimension or measurement without any particular positioning of the part.

Compared to the traditional projector, Metrios significantly reduces the time spent inspecting parts. The touch screen feature makes selecting an inspection job easy. Measurement is done within a few seconds. The machine delivers an immediate overview of the part compliance. The colour green signals that the measurement is in tolerance. Red shows that the measurement does not comply.

Metrios can also be programmed remotely. Users can set up the program and share it via e-mail with colleagues and detect the measurements of the part in question. It reduces the time operators spend during routine inspection in production.


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