Additive Manufacturing Massivit launches new large scale printer for industrial mould production

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Massivit 3D Printing Technologies has introduced its groundbreaking Massivit 10000-G to the European composites market at JEC World. The event also marked the launch of Massivit’s 2023 corporate rebranding in line with the company’s latest technological milestones and strategic penetration into the composites arena.

3D printed water-breakable mandrel for carbon skin
3D printed water-breakable mandrel for carbon skin
(Source: Massivit)

The Massivit 10000-G sets a new standard in industrial mould production by automating and speeding up workflows for composite manufacturing. Based on the company’s Cast In Motion technology, the 10000-G facilitates digital production of complex molds, mandrels, master tools, jigs and fixtures for a range of industries including automotive, rail, marine, defense, consumer goods, and sporting goods. Cast In Motion technology brought to market the first isotropic 3D-printed mould and has been adopted by customers in the automotive, marine and consumer goods sectors.

According to the company, the system offers manufacturers significant production time and cost savings — up to 80 percent of mould production time and 50 percent in material costs. This latest industrial 3D printer on the company’s second-generation product line provides access to Massivit’s full set of Dimengel thermoset materials that have until now been available with the company’s Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) product line. GDP enables custom manufacturing and functional prototyping before going to production at up to 30 times the speed of other technologies. The growing range of Dimengel materials respond to industry requirements including flame retardancy, high-definition production, and a waste reduction.


Massivit has also utilised the JEC World event to launch its 2023 corporate rebranding roll out. The company’s rebranding process has incorporated Massivit’s core values: radical innovation, reliability — with a current install base across 40 countries, knowledge sharing with the global manufacturing and additive manufacturing communities, and a commitment to supporting greener manufacturing through waste-free, additive innovation.


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