Arburg at the Moldplas Making injection moulding more efficient, sustainable and digital

Source: Arburg

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Sustainable plastics production can only succeed with more innovative energy- and production-efficient injection moulding technology and suitable automation. Also included is the ability to process biodegradable plastics. Arburg will present all of the above with an automated turnkey system in Hall 3, stand 3B12 of the Moldplas 2022.

At the Moldplas, the Arburg-X-world customer portal is presented live on a PC.
At the Moldplas, the Arburg-X-world customer portal is presented live on a PC.
(Source: Arburg)

From 9 to 12 November, the industry will meet in Batalha, Portugal, around 120 kilometres north of Lisbon, to view the latest trends in plastic processing live. Arburg will be presenting its solutions for efficient, sustainable and digital injection moulding.

At the Moldplas, the company will present a compact turnkey system, with an electric Allrounder 470 A that will manufacture a curved ruler from the biodegradable wood material, Biofibre Silva SI2900. The exhibit has a clamping force of over 1,000 kN, a size 290 injection unit, and the Gestica control system with five assistance packages. These help with changeovers, parameter input, programming of non-standard sequences, quick production start-up, and system control, and offer time-saving online support. A Multilift Select robotic system with six kilogramme load capacity and adapted suction plate ensures parts are handled carefully. The compact protection of the Multilift Select provides for a very small installation area for the entire production cell, among other things. Material drying and conveying are done by a Thermolift-2. The rulers are given a centimetre scale downstream by a laser cell from a local manufacturer, and leave the system ready for use.

The company’s trade fair appearance also includes live demonstrations of the Arburg-X-World customer portal on a PC. This will showcase the Arburg app's range of capabilities. The customer portal brings together all digital services and provides round the clock access to this information from every end device. Even the free Basic package offers a great variety of services. For example, the applications Machine Center, Service Center and Shop offer a better overview, simplified communication, increased flexibility and faster reaction times. This saves time and costs.

Comprehensive service for customers in Portugal

“Arburg is represented by its own powerful organisation in Portugal. This allows our highly-qualified team to provide customers with first-class service quickly and directly on site. Professional support is also offered in application and process technology, as well as automation,” Martin Cayre says, describing the advantages of the location in Marinha Grande. The company is strongly-positioned across the entire Iberian peninsula, especially in the areas of electric machines, multi-component technology, and special applications, such as the processing of LSR, thermoset, and the “fibre direct compounding” lightweight construction process. Regarding the current situation on the Portuguese market, he comments: “After two very difficult years due to the pandemic, we are gradually beginning to see a recovery. Mould makers in the region are working at almost 100 percent capacity, and an improvement can also be felt in injection moulding. Even so, as with the rest of Europe, high energy and material costs are also posing a huge problem for the entire economy.”


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