Tool tracking system Locate tools quickly and efficiently with Tool-Strack

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Component supplier Strack Norma presents Tool-Strack, a new locating system for tools that offers precise localisation indoors or outdoors by combining different locating technologies.

Mounting the tracker on the mould assembly
Mounting the tracker on the mould assembly
(Source: Strack Norma)

The complexity of production planning has been increasing for years. Finding one's production equipment at the right place at the planned time and having an overview of the location of the tools at all times is becoming increasingly important. Classical positioning systems use GPS or GSM, whose possibilities for precise positioning are quickly exhausted depending on satellite reception or network coverage. Both technologies are often quite inaccurate in locating a radius of several 100 metres. Especially inside buildings, these systems often cannot guarantee complete and accurate positioning. There is a need to find a solution that enables companies to track their tools smoothly and efficiently.

In order to meet all these market requirements, the partnership with GS Group and Sensolus has resulted in a product that is coordinated for this purpose. With Tool-Strack, Strack Norma offers a new solution which, in addition to the classic tracking options, is also suitable for two other technologies for localisation both outdoors and indoors. Outdoors, the signal is transmitted classically by GPS or via network triangulation (GSM). Inside buildings, Tool-Strack uses the company's existing WLAN network or easy-to-install additional BLE anchor points.


A tracker mounted on the tool checks the four location options in an adjustable sequence and sends this information to the server. The user can call up the location coordinates of his tools in the online service portal and look at historical data or draw evaluations on the use and stay in geo-zones. The signal is sent at different time intervals, which can be defined by the user within the portal. The tracker, which has a runtime of up to eight years, will be available in different configuration levels where, among other things, the movement or cycles of the tool or also the temperature can be recorded. The flame-retardant housing is dust- and waterproof according to IP 68 and allows a storage temperature of -40°C to +60°C. In addition to motion and position sensors, the tracker has virtual tamper detection.

With Tool-Strack, users receives the location coordinates of their tools with just a few clicks and, depending on the technology, can determine the position of the tool to within a few metres. This saves time and money.


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