EMO 2019 / Anca Lights-out-manufacturing powered by Anca

Editor: Steffen Donath

A software package designed for the aerospace, die mould, general machining and power generation industries, will be officially launched at EMO 2019.

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What are the different components of creating a working smart factory? Anca outlines their perspective.
What are the different components of creating a working smart factory? Anca outlines their perspective.
(Source: Anca)

“Toolroom RN34 is aimed to be the differentiator among many suppliers of endmill manufactures in the industry by allowing customers to design complex geometries through software to achieve increased tool life, productivity, cutting volume and increased quality and precision of the workpiece,” says Thomson Mathew, Anca Software Product Manager.

Anca's competition is back with the 2019 winner to be announced live at EMO. Last year the industry welcomed the opportunity to show off their skills with almost 30 entries received from across the world being seen by over 122 thousand fans generating 3,000 comments and reactions on social media.

Toolmakers have always been subject to technological change. The future of tool making innovation goes by many names. The Factory of the Future (FoF), the Smart Factory, or Industry 4.0. Whatever it is called, there’s one common factor: it’s revolutionary, and it will redefine and optimise manufacturing processes. Anca will be showcasing its technology so tool makers understand how they can build their factory of the future.

Anca promises the following benefits:

  • Reduction of wasted materials through 3D simulation.
  • Increase in grinding efficiencies through data-led decisions.
  • Lights-out-manufacturing with affordable, easy-to-use robots.

This will be a new landscape that places big data analytics and interconnected technology at the heart of daily work. It means streamlined business operations that allow for rapid expansion into new and emerging markets and technology throughout the process to remove the need for human intervention.

For almost 50 years Anca has been on the journey to help our customers move towards a smart factory solution, the company explains. Every world-first technology development they have introduced has been iterative rather than completely revolutionary