CAM software Leading companies cooperate to implement new turning technology

Editor: Alexander Stark

Germany — A collaboration between CAM software component provider Module Works, machining solutions and tool manufacturer Sandvik Coromant, and HCL Technologies, manufacturer of CAM Works, has produced one of the first commercial implementations of the new Prime Turning methodology in a CAM system.

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Roughing turning cycle using a Sandvik Coromant Coro Turn Prime B-type Insert.
Roughing turning cycle using a Sandvik Coromant Coro Turn Prime B-type Insert.
(Source: Sandvik Coromant)

Invented and patented by Sandvik Coromant, the Prime Turning methodology increases machining efficiency by offering turning in all directions. Sandvik Coromant worked together with Module Works to implement the Prime Turning method as a software solution that can be integrated into any CAM system. With support from Module Works, HCL Technologies has now integrated this solution into CAM Works to offer Prime Turning as a native CAM strategy for improving efficiency and job-throughput in machine shops.

The Prime Turning method enables CAM Works to achieve faster material removal rates and higher productivity than conventional turning methods. Module Works also developed optimized G-code generation for the Prime Turning method with versatile parameterization for simplified CAM programming. Integrated into CAM Works, this delivers fast and flexible job setup for the diverse range of Coro Turn Prime turning tools to further increase productivity.

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