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Source: Günther

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Hot runner specialist Günther has developed an app for its new smart control technology. The app ensures intuitive operation of temperature control units for hot runners and helps increase resource efficiency in injection moulding operations.

The app was developed so that even by machine operators with no training in injection moulding can use it.
The app was developed so that even by machine operators with no training in injection moulding can use it.
(Source: Günther)

The new Blue Master compact temperature control units from Günther are designed for smaller applications, for use in service workshops or laboratories. They feature adaptive control optimisation, i.e. they adjust their control behaviour to the connected load without user intervention. Control remains stable, even when operating tiny loads. Four operating modes are available per zone — adjust, control, master and monitor. “The newly developed control algorithm is even more precise. Automatic control parameter adaptation ensures excellent control quality with no overshooting,” summarises Münch.

The company has also developed an app that simplifies operation of these temperature control units. The app was designed so that even by machine operators with no training in injection moulding can use it. The user-oriented intro with useful explanations makes operation so simple that printed instructions are virtually a thing of the past.

“We already have modern interfaces in our pockets. We're able to use smartphones or tablets with ease. So why not simply use your phone to operate the controller?” asks Christoph Münch, Project Manager for Control Technology at Günther Hot Runner Technology. “We asked ourselves as the manufacturer: What are our controller’s most important functions? What functions are so elementary that users must be able to use them correctly at first go?” The result is state-of-the art menu navigation with graphic temperature displays that are easier for users to interpret. “Users have all key parameters at their fingertips," adds Münch. “Furthermore, all measurement data can be uploaded securely to a cloud and used for documentation or more detailed evaluation.”

The app can be installed on any smart device, thus allowing users to operate the controller from anywhere without requiring precious space on the operator's side of a machine. Communication takes place via Bluetooth, one smart device can be used to operate several controllers to be operated at the same time. Once the smart device's battery is depleted, it can be charged using the controller's integrated wireless charging module.


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