Easier design collaboration Introduction of Creo+: PTC brings its CAD solution to the cloud

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PTC has announced a major cloud breakthrough for its computer-aided design (CAD) solution. Building on their capabilities for model-based definition, simulation-driven design and advanced manufacturing, the software as a service (Saas) includes real-time design collaboration tools to enable multiple team members to review, explore, and edit product designs.

Creo+ users can collaborate on the same designs simultaneously with internal and external partners.
Creo+ users can collaborate on the same designs simultaneously with internal and external partners.
(Source: PTC)

The recently launched Creo+ CAD solution from PTC combines the power and functionality of Creo with new cloud-based tools to enhance design collaboration and to simplify CAD administration. Creo+ also includes the PTC Control Center application, powered by the PTC Atlas SaaS platform, which enables simple deployment and management of software licenses for cloud-based tools.

“With this latest development, our customers will be able to design faster, easier, and more collaboratively than ever before,” said Brian Thompson, General Manager of Creo at PTC. “We’ve combined the market-leading design capabilities of Creo with productivity benefits that can only be achieved through the power of the cloud. Now, Creo+ users can collaborate on the same designs simultaneously with internal and external partners, which helps accelerate the development process and reduce redesign.”

Teams can collaborate in real-time to review, explore, and edit product designs using a dedicated workspace with any number of people. This drives early design feedback from manufacturing, suppliers, and other stakeholders, while promoting concurrent design rather than sequential design. Easy-to-use branching tools provide visibility to exploration activities, and when ready, these exploration branches can be merged back into the main design.

Administrators can deploy and update Creo+ across the organisation from a single desktop, minimising the time spent installing, configuring, and updating the software. Creo+ enables users to be more efficient when assigning and deploying named licenses and adjusting licenses according to user requirements. The PTC Control Center is accessible with a simple cloud-based interface.

Creo+ is fully upwards compatible from on-premises versions of Creo and is built on the same core technology as Creo, so no data translation is needed. In addition to the release of Creo+, PTC announced the simultaneous release of Creo 10. With this solution, users can now design and simulate with composite materials for lighter products that maintain strength and durability.

Additionally, it introduces Ansys-powered thermal stress as well as non-linear materials and contact simulation, which significantly broadens addressable simulation-driven design use cases. Creo+ includes all the capabilities of Creo 10.


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