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Expert Session: Medical Plasticware Manufacturing

Introducing Integrated Medical Injection Moulding Systems

LIVE | 2021-09-28 | 2:00 PM CEST

This webinar focuses on Integrated OEM System's (machines, hot runners, moulds & controllers) ability to reduce cost associated with wastage while ensuring performance.

In this webinar, the Husky experts will review market trends and opportunities in the medical market with specific focus on laboratory consumables such as blood collection tubes.

They will review the application requirements, (i.e., dimension, weights, standards) and typical manufacturing processes not limited to injection moulding. Attendees will also learn about the integrated system approach for manufacturing medical parts — a tried and tested method of manufacturing in other industries.

The presentation will dive deeper into how Husky can help world class manufacturers with its newly designed integrated system — ICHOR — for the production of blood collection tubes.

What attendees will learn:

  • Typical requirements for Blood Collection Tube business,
  • Key consideration of Blood Collection Tubes (BCT) manufacturing,
  • Product features and benefits of Husky's Integrated BCT System - ICHOR

Ihr Referent

Emmanuel Armand

Emmanuel Armand

Director of Medical System Business Development
Husky Injection

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