Moulding Expo 2023 International trade fair for tool, pattern and mould making to take place in June 2023

Source: Messe Stuttgart

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From 13 to 16 June 2023, the international trade fair Moulding Expo will take place at the Stuttgart exhibition site. Over the course of four days, the top manufacturers in the industry will showcase the best that European tool, pattern and mould-making and the associated supplier technologies have to offer.

The next Moulding Expo will take place from 13th to 16th June 2023 at Messe Stuttgart.
The next Moulding Expo will take place from 13th to 16th June 2023 at Messe Stuttgart.
(Source: Landesmesse Stuttgart)

While preparations for the international trade fair for tool, pattern and mould making are in full progress, the Moulding Expo can rely on the support from the market. “With its events and forums, the Moulding Expo 2023 focuses precisely on the topics that are most pressing for the industry. Moreover, we see a huge demand to catch up on technology information, because there has been no significant trade fair for the entire tool, pattern and mould-making industry in Europe for three years. The companies in the tool construction and mouldmaking industry, as well as their suppliers and equipment providers, expect a great need for investment in new technologies and more efficient plants, also in order to establish a more sustainable production. All the important players — customers, manufacturers, suppliers, industry service providers — will attend,” says Markus Heseding, CEO VDMA Measuring and Testing Technology Association and VDMA Precision Tools Association.

Ralf Dürrwächter, CEO German Association of Tool and Mould Makers (VDWF), also declares his support for the Moulding Expo: “After almost four years of deprivation, the anticipation is huge. The Moulding Expo is a compulsory date in the calendar of events and the “place to be” for all mould makers. Face-to-face interaction is essential for all companies in the industry, not least in order to initiate new cooperations and projects. This is precisely what Moulding Expo is the right place for. And for good reason: Here you can experience the industry with its entire environment in one place — reduced to the MEX.”


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