Software Integrated toolpath calculation makes design-to-manufacture processes more effective

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Germany — Developer of advanced numerical optimisation software solutions, Rafinex, and CAD/CAM developer Module Works, have integrated toolpath calculation technology with a software algorithm suite. In effective synchronisation, topology optimisation and toolpath planning are to enable more effective design-to-manufacture processes.

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Synchronising topology optimisation with toolpath planning creates efficient design-to-manufacture processes.
Synchronising topology optimisation with toolpath planning creates efficient design-to-manufacture processes.
(Source: Module Works)

The toolpath calculation technology from Module Works is now integrated with Rafinex's algorithm suite. This results in synchronised toolpath planning and topology optimisation and thus eliminates late change requests, avoids machining as well as robotic problems during the design phase and reduces engineering and manufacturing costs in subsequent processes.

Rafinex stochastic topology optimisation anticipates real-life variability in material loads and material properties to help engineers design robust, reliable parts for high-performance applications in the aerospace and automotive industries, among others. The toolpath algorithms automatically calculate the optimal, material-independent toolpaths for different additive and subtractive processes (including robotic applications) which means manufacturing feasibility is analysed already during design optimisation.

In the next stage of their cooperation, Module Works and Rafinex are incorporating inverse kinematics to calculate an optimal continuous toolpath for each component. Thanks to this synchronised workflow, engineers can immediately identify design features that are too difficult or impractical to manufacture for any given production process and adjust the design accordingly. Spotting potential show-stoppers at this early stage saves considerable costs and speeds up both prototype and series production.

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