Deburring Expo 2019 Innovations, know-how on show

Editor: Briggette Jaya

Germany – The Deburring Expo for deburring, chamfering and the production of precision surfaces tops the last edition with about 15 percent more exhibitors.

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The third edition boasts 15 % more exhibitors than the 2017 event.
The third edition boasts 15 % more exhibitors than the 2017 event.
(Source: Fairxperts)

The Deburring Expo for deburring, chamfering and the production of precision surfaces, with over 170 exhibitors, will be complemented by a programme comprising theme parks, research pavilions and a three-day bilingual expert forum.

The third edition, boasts an increase of about 15 % more exhibitors compared to 2017, will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 8-10 October. The expo will concentrate on technologies, services and providers in a focussed framework, according to event organiser, Fairxperts.

Over the last few years, deburring and surface finishes have become critical factors for quality and a company’s competitiveness. An indicator being providers of these solutions are increasingly becoming benchmark partners of production companies, who are relatively early involved in the product development phase or an optimisation process. Another signal is the number of new and advanced technologies, products and processes that will be showcased at the expo. This includes machines for fully-automated deburring and components cleaning in a single process, for eg., high-pressure water processes as well as for ultrasonic, or dry with CO2 snow.

Areas covering electro-chemical and thermal deburring machines as well as deburring and processing of metal sheets will be on exhibit too. Apart from automatic and manual deburring tools for bores and bore intersections, microprocessing products and technologies for high precision and efficiency will be on show.

Premiering at the this third expo is the post-processing of additively manufactured parts, which will also be presented at the ‘AM Parks Finishing Theme Park’. “Due to the ever-increasing use of additive manufacturing in mass production, the demands placed on 3D-printed component surfaces are increasing rapidly,” notes Fairxperts CEO Herman Herdin. The range will be from the removal of support structures to powder removal and cleaning through to finishing.

Increasingly higher demands on the technical cleanliness of components is said to be achieved through the reliable removal of burrs and flakes as well as subsequent cleaning. Exhibitors covering cleaning after deburring from all areas of industrial cleaning technology will also present solutions to achieve cleanliness, reliably and economically.

At the process chain metal sheet deburring area, various technologies and downstream processes as well as production steps such as degreasing, removal of oxide layers, deburring, chamfering and surface finishing, originally attributed to metal sheet deburring will be on show.

Some 29 presentations at the three-day forum by experts from the industry and science will be simultaneously translated (German <> English).