Control 2022 Innovations in clamping technology for the metrology sector

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At Control 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany, DK Fixiersysteme will be showing users and partners from the world of measuring and testing technology its new developments since the last event of this kind.

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SWA39 Surf is a comprehensive fixating programme for surface and contour measurements.
SWA39 Surf is a comprehensive fixating programme for surface and contour measurements.
(Source: DK Fixiersysteme)

The 34th Control will provide the platform for demonstrating innovations in measuring fixation systems. DK Fixiersysteme will use this opportunity to showcase several new developments.

For optical or tactile measurements, rotationally symmetrical parts must be rotated through the entire circumference or to specific angular positions. Both the mechanical rotary movement and the assignment of the rotation angle to the associated measuring value can be greatly simplified by using a motor drive with encoder. At Control, DK presents a standard solution for the regulated drive of different types and sizes of chucks, collets and tailstock centres — with and without a mating support.

Module system for surface and contour measurement technology

The reliability of the measurement results and the level of the process costs are decisively influenced by how precise, secure and fast the test specimens can be fixated. So It was high time to make the many adjustment and clamping elements of the DK standard programme applicable to the requirements of surface finish and contour measurement. Adaptations to all conceivable machine tables and existing fixtures have been developed as standards to fit on any existing system in the metrology room. Via the standard interfaces that have been so developed, all catalogue products — and often DK fixtures already available to dimensional metrology users — can be applied directly. Quick, tool-free and repetitive precision due to multiple zero point clamping. Maximum investment security through multiple use throughout the entire metrology room on all tactile and optical machines.

When the positioning of the hardware for automated optical inspection of workpieces and processes becomes demanding, the principle of conventional device holders becomes more expensive and involves risks: a special construction milled from the solid becomes cost-intensive and cannot be subsequently aligned precisely enough, let alone completely re-aligned. Flexible solutions from other domains usually do not meet the requirements in terms of permanent stability under operating conditions.


The DK Articulated Systems range includes five separate programmes of 3D-flexible articulated joints for various requirements for the positioning of machine vision components:

  • Strong Line: For simple applications such as the positioning of lighting
  • Vario Line: Higher stability for demanding support tasks
  • Turn Stop Line: After tool-less manual locking of the central joint, holds as if welded
  • Chrom Line: Generously dimensioned with a radius up to 800 mm for where the camera may have to be positioned far away from the mounting location
  • Hygienic Line: Partial or full stainless steel range for sterile zones and clean rooms as well as for adverse aggressive ambient conditions

Special tools for measurement fixating systems

What can be done when test parts are so delicate and sensitive that even the best smooth-running manual chucks run the risk of applying too much force to the workpiece or of imparting a different force to the part with each new clamping, so that the measurement result is not reliable?

Two new solutions from DK:

  • Pendulum jaws on manual chucks double the contact or clamping points on deformation-sensitive parts and reduce the force required per contact point for secure holding; the compensating pendulum movement of the jaws further reduces the risk of polygon formation
  • The problem of different users or even the same user always tightening the chuck with different forces by successive clampings has been solved by dk with the development of a special torque wrench for manual chucks: the optimum clamping force for the respective test part can be accessed with repeat accuracy on the torque wrench and the entire process becomes as safe as possible.

These and other innovations for the qualitative and cost-related improvement of measuring and testing processes by means of intelligent fixation systems can be seen at the exhibition stand of DK Fixiersysteme in Hall 3, Booth 3407 at the Control in Stuttgart.

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