Industrial 3D printing Inkbit Vista makes European debut at Formnext

Source: Inkbit

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The Vista production additive manufacturing system is making its first appearance at Formnext, promising to inspire show visitors to explore new opportunities in the mass production of functional 3D printed parts.

The Inkbit Vista unlocks additive manufacturing at a production scale.
The Inkbit Vista unlocks additive manufacturing at a production scale.
(Source: Inkbit)

For the first time, Formnext visitors can see the dimensional accuracy and high throughput of the Inkbit Vista live. Combined with the company’s range of functional materials the 3D printer enables industrial production capabilities for manufacturers.

Using Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ) technology, the Inkbit Vista ensures parts are repeatable and accurate to the original CAD design by employing closed-loop feedback control throughout the print. This contactless process enables Inkbit to develop material families with excellent durability and performance over time.

Further to that, Inkbit has developed a scalable, low-labor support removal process based on the use of wax support material. This process is easily automated in high production volume environments and enables easy recycling of the support material, contributing to Inkbit’s low cost-per-part advantage while providing full geometric freedom and fine feature definition.

Inkbit Co-Founder and CEO Davide Marini is enthusiastic about exhibiting at Formnext, stating: “The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, and additive manufacturing systems like ours unlock new potential for many industries, even for the most demanding applications. We’re thrilled to be leading the way with our breakthrough production technology. We’d like to invite all Formnext visitors to the stand to see the printer for themselves.”


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