Strack Norma Increased delivery capacity thanks to automated storage system

Editor: Steffen Donath

Thanks to an automated storage system, the company is able to supply its customers in tool- and mould-making more efficiently.

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If one robot fails, another robot can take over the tasks.
If one robot fails, another robot can take over the tasks.
(Source: Strack Norma)

Strack Norma has introduced an intelligent, ultra-efficient storage- and picking system for small parts. The system from Autostore increases the storage density considerably, runs around the clock and fully automatically, thanks to robots. Therefore, the Lüdenscheid-based family-owned company can now supply its customers from the tool- and mould-making even faster and more reliably and will become even more efficient overall.

The system stacks the storage containers compactly in a modular way on top of each other, ensuring an high space efficiency. This allows Strack Norma to keep 140.000 articles from the standard range in stock and to deliver the customers quickly. “We consciously decided for a system of the chaotic warehousing to improve the use of the space and to avoid empty spaces,” explains Guido Fastenrath, head of the materials management.

Four robots take over the storage and ordering of small parts. “As a result, our pickers have less paths to walk. The goods are now coming to them and not the other way around,” says Fastenrath. “This saves an enormous amount of time and ordered articles can be picked even faster and more efficiently. We guarantee that we now supply available standard components outgoing within 24 hours. Moreover, the aim is to keep the error rate for deliveries running towards zero.” At the same time, the system is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t require lighting and the robots work energy efficiently.

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