On Demand Webinar: Hot Runners How to integrate medical injection moulding systems successfully?

Editor: Alexander Stark

In this free on demand webinar Husky expert Emmanuel Armand sheds light on the challenges faced by manufacturers of medical products. In particular, the online session focuses on the ability of Integrated OEM Systems — such as machines, hot runners, moulds & controllers — to reduce cost associated with wastage while ensuring performance.

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(Source: Husky)

The challenges faced by manufacturers of medical products include an increasing trend towards ever-smaller dimensions, more precise shapes and perfect surfaces. These goals have to be delivered at the lowest possible costs because the high-tech parts used in medical applications are often disposed of after use. This is where injection moulding with its virtually unlimited possibilities comes in. This on demand webinar shows how you can make use of the benefits of this technology. The webinar is freely available on demand. All you need to do is register.

Our speaker and expert Emmanuel Armand from Husky provides an overview of market trends and present opportunities offered by the medical market with a specific focus on laboratory consumables such as blood collection tubes. Based at Husky’s European headquarters in Luxembourg and in his role as Director of Medical System Business Development, Emmanuel is actively involved in major global medical projects of the company and knows what he is talking about.

During his presentation you get a closer look at application requirements, such as dimension, weights, standards and typical manufacturing processes not limited to injection moulding. You will also learn about the integrated system approach for manufacturing medical parts — a tried and tested method of manufacturing in other industries.

This integrated system approach has been designed to reduce risk and improve overall manufacturing performance. By reducing part variability and enhancing predictability Husky’s approach solves one of the biggest issues in in medical injection moulding. The hot-runner specialists achieve this by taking the the final product into consideration and design their system accordingly. Users profit from enhanced efficiency and output on their shop floor and eliminated waste. Their smart system not only results in enhanced part quality, but also achieves better management and response to unforeseen environmental influences — such as an unexpected temperature change in your plant.

The presentation will dive deeper into how Husky can help world class manufacturers such as you with its newly designed integrated system — ICHOR — for the production of blood collection tubes. How can this system help you get to market faster and meet legal requirements on a global scale? Get the answers in the on demand webinar.