Webinar Update Hot runner webinar recording now available

Editor: Steffen Donath

Recently, ETMM hosted a webinar focused on hot runner technology and their advantages. If you missed it, you can now watch the recording online.

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A recording is now available on etmm-online.com
A recording is now available on etmm-online.com
(Source: Jonathan Farber (Unsplash))

An ETMM webinar covering hot runner technology recently took place. If you could not make the live event, you can now access a recording of the webinar via the following link:

You can watch the hot runner webinar here for free!

The following topics were covered in the webinar:

  • Hot runner assembly and key parts
  • The advantages of hot runners vs cold runners
  • Cost, scrap and cycle time saving analysis
  • Gating options and the effect on part characteristics

The experts from Husky discussed the advantages of hot runner systems as compared to cold runner systems. Additionally, participants had the chance to pose questions to the experts specifically covering their projects and cases.

From the official webinar description:

Since their introduction to the industry, hot runners have played a key role in improving the injection moulding process. While hot runners have a larger capital cost than cold runners, their many production efficiencies make them the more economical choice long term.

Hot runners allow for higher productivity and system performance, producing better part aesthetics and increasing part function. In addition, they improve energy efficiency and eliminate scrap plastic, resulting in faster cycle times and reduced part cost.

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