Mold-Masters Hot runner supplier with 50 years of experience

Editor: Eric Culp

Fifteen years, for many industries, is only the blink of an eye and unlikely to be a time of vast change; however for the mould-making and plastics processing industries, 15 years is chock full of developments and advancements.

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The E-Multi, an all electric auxiliary injection unit allowing cost-effective multi-component moulding, comes in a range of sizes.
The E-Multi, an all electric auxiliary injection unit allowing cost-effective multi-component moulding, comes in a range of sizes.
(Source: Mold-Masters)

Mold-Masters, an industry leader in design, manufacture and support of hot runner products, temperature controllers, hot halves and gating technologies has seen leaps and bounds in plastics melt delivery during its 50 year history.

The advent of the hot runner has always been about effectively and efficiently creating the best possible end product or part whilst minimising waste and resin usage. With rising resin costs and increasing energy prices, limiting waste and efficiently processing resin remains a top priority for all moulders; today more than ever.

Mold-Masters has always prided themselves on a history and culture of innovation, and the last 15 years have seen numerous product launches and developments including but not limited to the launch of their flagship Masters-Series hot runner platform; the Fusion G2 for automotive and large parts; the E-Multi, an all electric auxiliary injection unit allowing cost effective entry into the world of multi-component moulding; and Melt-Cube for precise side gating and medical applications.

Perhaps one of the greatest advancements for injection moulding would be the advancement of multi-function temperature control systems. A robust control system acts as the brain for a modern injection molding operation. Mold-Masters controller team invests heavily into developing and fine tuning the M-Series controllers for customers.

(Source: Mold-Masters)

The M-Series was designed for ease of operation. Although each of the M-Series controllers offers features that are suited to specific applications, all of the units share common user-friendly interfaces. Right out of the box, the controller is easily setup and connected. From interactive 3D graphing to system details and picture viewing, there are endless options that allow the user to customize their controller screen. The plug and play system architecture ensures a minimal learning curve for operators. Plus, each M-Series controller comes with proprietary Future-now technology, a state of the art algorithm. High quality, robust and durable, the M-Series models stand out as key tools ensuring sustainable plastic processing performance.

On behalf of Mold-Masters and the entire family of Milacron brands, we offer our hearty congratulations to ETMM on its 15th anniversary. We look forward to your invaluable insight and coverage. Cheers and here’s to many more years!

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